iMObilePOS Systems

Compact, mobile solution for easy payment collection

Just Scan & Pay

Fast online payments without an online shop

Your customers will pay for the products / services by simply scanning the QR code available in the imobilePOS application. Fast, simple and safe.

imobilePOS helps you

Build customized point of sale systems to make running your business easier

You have full access and control to personalize your business and make payment integration easier for your guests.

Set Up Easy-To-Use Online Ordering

Setting up your platform is effortless and can make the transaction all the much easier for both you and your staff.

Offer Safe & Contactless Experience

With the combination of a digital menu and a mobile POS system, your staff and guests will be perfectly safe and remain healthy.

Mobility & Flexibility With imobilePOS

Streamline your restaurant’s accounting and stock management with our custom integrations with 3rd parties.

Application areas


Given the fact that both the customers and waiters repeatedly touch the menus, as they do with cash, they cannot be constantly and safely disinfected. All of these risks can be easily removed with the help of digital payment and digital menus.

Bars & Bistros

Bars and bistros are often crowded and busy. One of the many risk factors of this industry is contact with currency in the form of cash. The customer pays the bill, in most situations receives change back, takes some of the bills and then also tips the bartender. With xcashmenu, you can easily ensure the safety of your guets and staff.

Coffee Shop & Bakery

The long queues in coffeeshops and bakeries in the morning can be considered a health hazard in these times and guests might change their mind and leave at the sight. However, with a digital menu, you kill two birds with one stone, reducing queues and contact.

What our customers say

Hear directly from our clients how xcashmenu helped their business.

  • “xCashMenu makes everything easier and I recommend it to any restaurant owner who experienced the chaos of rush hour! My staff can stay organized and on-point with our guests’ orders, and everything just happens faster. It made me understand my customers’ taste a little better and reconsider some meals on the menu. It’s useful to analyze your business, see which tables get more crowded, what works and what doesn’t.”

    Teodora Dascălu
    xcashmenu Classic

  • “Very easy to use and modify whenever we need changes or products on our menu become unavailable. During the pandemic, many of us had to learn what it means to maintain safe distance and run our business with limited contact. We have to make sure our staff and customers are safe and healthy. As a business owner and manager, I highly recommend it!”

    Bogdan Irimia
    xcashmenu Classic

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