Digital Tablet Menu

Place your menu at the hands
of your guests and staff

Customize to your preference

Show off who you are

By changing the menus colors or adding your logo, you can personalize your digital menu to perfectly reflect your brand.

Your items in your order

Arrange, modify, highlight

Categorize and place your items in whichever order you want. With xcash, your digital menu will be customized however you want, highlighting dishes or modifying them with ease.

Easy & quick ordering

Enable self order for maximum effiency

Get your QR code, place it on your table, and allow guests to make the order themselves after scanning it. Self-ordering will increase efficiency and allow your staff to focus on offering them an excellent experience.

You have full support & control

Everything is there to help you and your guests

Use xcashmenu to modify and add items to your digital menu with ease, customizing your selection or changing the availability of items without the need of reprinting.

Language support

Have everything in the hands of your guests in any language they choose, be they regulars of your place or tourists.

Unique QR menus

By using the customizable features, you can personalize your digital menu and make it truly your own.


Insight is important. Your guests can leave feedback so you may better understand them and offer a much more pleasant experience in the future.

Menu optimization

Optimize, highlight, or modify items within your menu instantly. This can change from breakfast to lunch and dinner, or simply show off a new dish.

Increase sales

It has been shown that adding beautiful images to your menu will increase sales by drawing your guests’ attention to the wonderful meals you have prepared for them.

Higher check value

Combine items that pair well and arrange them together to increase the check value at the end of the order and add recommendations for your guests.

Get your menu tablet ready

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with a custom offer for your HoReCa busines

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