The Smart QR Menu

Digital Menu With No App required

Deliver an amazing and safe experience to your customers with an easy-to-use, contactless menu.

You only need to register with xcashmenu to get your QR code and you will have instant access to your digital, contactless menu.

QR Menu

Set your QR code on the table for your guests to scan.

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Tablet Menu

Incorporate your contactless digital menu in your business.

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Food Ordering & Delivery

Have your own online delivery platform, no 3rd party required.

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Mobile POS Systems

Offer your guests the option of quick online payments.

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Fast & reliable tablet menu

Available on both Android and iOS

Download the app and upload your entire menu on a contactless, digital platform that will keep both your staff and your guests safe, and make quick changes with minimal effort.

Food Ordering
& Delivery

In-house & takeaway orders

Remove the need to rely on any other 3rd party and offer your guests and customers a delivery system that’s fully within your control and preferences.

Mobile POS Systems & Software

Integration, payments, and many more

We offer full integration with POS systems and software that will ensure a secure transaction for both you and your customers, as well as safety for your staff and guests.


With top-of-the-line security to prevent chargebacks or identity theft. Security is our most important feature.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The UI is intuitive and will make creating your menu much easier, as well as integrating a POS system to make payment much faster.

Custom integration

Streamline your restaurant’s accounting and stock management with our custom integrations with 3rd parties.

Work offline

Sometimes Internet connection might fail, but that will not derail your business at all, not even for 1 second.

It is what you need it to be

Browse. Order. Pay.

xcashmenu can be used in many different ways. It’s your choice how you plan to use it.

Digital menu

Scan QR code

Browse menu

Ordering platform

Scan QR code

Browse menu

Call waiter

Order from menu

Digital menu

Scan QR code

Browse menu

Call waiter

Order from menu

Pay directly online

Why choose us?

Keep customers safe

You want your guests to be safe, and so do we. With xcashmenu, they can keep contact with physical menus and staff at a minimum. The order and payment can be managed directly through their phone.

Speed up services

A digital menu allows your guests to quickly browse, filter, and choose items, and leaves your staff open to deliver the best and error-free experience even during busy hours.

Get insights and guest feedback

With xcashmenu, you may enable your guests to offer feedback and reviews on your restaurant, coffeeshop, and bar, or even staff members or foods and drinks. Learn their preferences and adjust to offer them the best possible experience.

Increase sales

Show off beautiful and appetizing images of your delicious platters that will instantly draw your guest’s attention and appetite.

Multiple languages

Have your menu available in many languages for ease of access. Showcase your selection and your brand beyond any barriers.

Stay eco-friendly

With minimal print required, xcashmenu is an efficient way to be friendly to the envirornment. No need to reprint menus. It’s all digital.

Guarantee efficiency

Allow your guests to quickly scan, make their choices, and place the order before your waiters even arrive at the table.

What our customers say

Hear directly from our clients how xcashmenu helped their business.

  • “xCashMenu makes everything easier and I recommend it to any restaurant owner who experienced the chaos of rush hour! My staff can stay organized and on-point with our guests’ orders, and everything just happens faster. It made me understand my customers’ taste a little better and reconsider some meals on the menu. It’s useful to analyze your business, see which tables get more crowded, what works and what doesn’t.”

    Teodora Dascălu
    xcashmenu Classic

  • “Very easy to use and modify whenever we need changes or products on our menu become unavailable. During the pandemic, many of us had to learn what it means to maintain safe distance and run our business with limited contact. We have to make sure our staff and customers are safe and healthy. As a business owner and manager, I highly recommend it!”

    Bogdan Irimia
    xcashmenu Classic

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